Mission Statement

Partners’ Mission Statement

The mission of Tropical Wings Zoo is to provide engaging experiences that inspire people to value and conserve our natural world.  With that in mind all the animals at our Zoo are all important ambassadors for their animal friends in the wild.  When our visitors see an animal at the Zoo, we hope that the wonder and amazement of these animals moves them to consider how they can help conserve wildlife now and in the future.  We hope to achieve this, with your continued support, passion and dedication whilst striving to provide the very best experience we can create for our visitors.

We want to continue improvements in our animals’ environment with exciting new enclosures that will stimulate and enrich their lives.

Over the next few years our intention is to continue to breed our endangered species of animals and birds and to expand our already successful native species conservation programme.

None of this can be achieved without the hard work and innovative ideas of our employees. Tropical Wings Zoo is entirely self-funded. We receive no grants or funding from local council or governing bodies so we have to work even harder to be the best.


Our core values reflect the behaviours and attitudes which lead our interactions and decisions – helping us to achieve our mission and vision. By following these core values we develop and foster positive relationships within our community which will ensure Tropical Wings Zoo’s long-term success.


We demonstrate honesty, fairness, and professional standards while holding ourselves accountable to our mission, vision, and community.

We demonstrate compassion for each other and ensure the highest standard of care is given for the well being of our animals.

We are committed to being environmentally responsible and model leadership in conservation through scientific and educational programmes and practices.

We encourage a spirit of cooperation and teamwork by working together to build relationships to meet our common goals.

Fiscal Responsibility and Independence
We are committed to managing and operating the Zoo as a credible, successful, and self-sustaining enterprise.

We approach our work with energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to create enjoyable experiences for all, staff and public alike.