Our Future

Over the next 10 years we fully intend to continue what we have started by developing this fully-fledged family attraction still further, working towards our ultimate aim of becoming the very best small family Zoo in the country!

We hope to achieve this, with your continued support and the passion and dedication of the Zoo’s staff, through our dedicated Education and Conservation efforts, whilst striving to provide the very best “value for money” experience we can create for our visitors.

We intend to grow and develop the mammal side of the zoo with plans to concentrate on a handful of carefully selected species. The animals in our care will benefit from continuous improvements in their environment with exciting new enclosures that will hopefully stimulate and enrich their lives, designed to be stress-free and less intrusive, which will allow for a better quality of life.

The more comfortable and naturalistic the animal enclosures, the happier our animals will be, therefore displaying more of their natural behaviours and hopefully encouraging some of the rarer species to breed more successfully.  If we can do this well, we just might be able to create and inspire successful conservationists of the future, which should be the aim of every good zoo!

We want to create an appreciation for the natural world by offering a visitor attraction of exceptional quality, suitable for all ages to enjoy. With particular focus on first-hand multi-sensory animal experiences and encounters, first-hand experiences which cannot be gained from books, television or other similar secondary media sources.

Over the next few years our intention is to continue to breed our endangered species of animals and birds and to expand our already successful native species conservation programme.

None of this can be achieved without the support of our visitors. Tropical Wings Zoo is entirely self-funded and relies on revenue generated from admissions and on-site sales. We receive no grants or funding from local council or governing bodies and we would like to thank all our visitors for your continued support, without you we would not be here!

We hope you enjoy your visits with us, that you are amazed and your sense of wonder is awakened by the extraordinary animals you will encounter; that you will gain a greater understanding about the world’s wealth of wildlife, in turn inspiring you to help in whatever ways you are able.


We are delighted to announce we have been awarded full BIAZA membership! BIAZA is the British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums who all well respected Zoos in the United Kingdom are a part of. BIAZA collections work together to inspire people to conserve the natural world, participate in effective conservation programmes, deliver high quality environmental education, training and research, and deliver the highest possible standards of animal care and welfare. To be recognised as achieving these goals is a fantastic accomplishment for us at TWZ. We look forward to working with BIAZA and other BIAZA collections in order to deliver the best visitor experience possible.

More information on BIAZA can be found here: www.biaza.org.uk